My Book

     I write to create a bond with aging women, cause strong emotional responses in them and to enrich their lives and my own. Gifts from the Universe:A Boomer Woman’s Wisdom is a book not just to read, but a book to feel. Stories are the oldest teaching tool human beings have. They are a record of our joys and heartbreaks, challenges and mistakes, insights and gifts. A journal is a private, personal workspace for one to work out the relationships that bring meaning, aliveness, creativity, and laughter. I have sketched my truth with a courageous heart and with seven decades of life experience I have a lot of compelling stories to tell.

     I begin the book at an all time low in my life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Writing with unflinching, sometimes excruciating honesty, humor, and without hiding my mistakes or abnormalities, I excavate my former life. This includes familial estrangement, rape, breast cancer, and poverty among many other private dilemmas. Determined to transform my quality of life, I discover “Six Essential Habits” necessary for healing a woman’s heart, mind, body and soul and to foster meaning, peace and fresh adventure in later life.

     This book is grounded in my belief and experience that fears, desires and personal traumas, when examined and expressed are of universal significance.

     Gifts from the Universe: A Boomer Woman’s Wisdom is designed for repeated use by any of the 36.44 million female baby boomers in America today. More than any external fix, women long for internal wisdom about how to age with grace.


Since the nature of the universe is expansion and contraction then change is inevitable and everything is impermanent. The game of human life is the evolvement of one’s soul. To do that one has to own each event that occurs in their life, crack open their heart and wrestle with the truth of it. This will alchemize one’s barriers to love and connection to all that is and leads to an experience of luminessence .

2019 Women’s Work

This coming year is the time for the fearless boomer woman to reconnect with and live her sacred feminine; to learn how to hold the contradictions of a world in which our instinctual oneness is greatly diminished. Now is the time for us to ask masculine consciousness and our rational world to confront the pain from the loss of the divine, primal oneness. Women must return to and embrace the natural balance of opposites.


I proffer that the human body can be returned to health in the face of practically any negative experience. In living our lives we inevitably have episodes of trauma, or an accident, illness or surgery. The resulting pain may persist daily, or disappear but re-occur sometime later. Our culture predominately teaches us to seek medical care or to push past the pain, get over it and get on with our life. But what our body really wants is compassion.

The key to healing our body anywhere, inside or out, resides principally in our willingness to enter into relationship with the affected area – literally to befriend it. From research conducted at both Harvard and Tufts University it is scientific fact that your body cells hold the memory of the occurrence and that your brain, when signaled, will naturally send curative biochemicals to trigger the healing process.

When my back “went out” as a teen I learned that I was born with an extra lumbar vertebrae partially fused to my sacrum. In my 40’s, I had a uterine fibroid the size of a grapefruit, then developed hypertension in my 50’s and breast cancer at 69. By employing, at varying times, the practices of yoga poses, breathing, visualization, vocal resonance, deep tissue work, light affinity, directed awareness, movement re-education, diet and acupuncture, in each case, I have restored my body to health and pain-free strength and flexibility.


In our body is our life journey

a record of all that we have seen and done

In our cells are the memories of all our joys and heartbreaks

and all of our mistakes as well as wise insights

Alchemy of the Soul


by Lee Irwin

“[In our culture] The feminine logos is remarkably absent and often dismissed as superficial or irrelevant. The integration of the feminine into fully human models of maturity will require a complete re-writing of most traditional institutions and the recasting of traditional teachings will require the full and articulate presence of a woman’s voice… and no doubt emergent voice of women as spiritual teachers…[we need] a conscious integration of male and female symbolism…”

“The intersection of the one with the many is based in a rich diversity that fosters life. To understand this it is necessary to experience directly the fullness and complexity of unveiled, invisible worlds…the feminine voice in the realization of this potential will provide a connective fabric of ideas and concepts woven around themes of mutual respect and an ethic of nurturance…and world-embracing concern…”

“As we each carry within us masculine and feminine tendencies and attitudes, the alchemy of soul seeks to harmonize those characteristics. The alchemy of soul is an individualized practice that requires study, investigation, analysis, imaginative visioning and a genuine respect and concern for others. Each person must take up the work, and out of the resources of the past and present undertake the task of inner transformation…you supply the answers and direction for your own growth. There is no submission but there is sublimation, distillation, even pulverization, all of which require you to dismantle and deconstruct your illusions and inflated or deflated self views…An inner authority, inner teacher [develops] that has a quality of authenticity that stands its own ground respectfully and guides you toward the realization of [your] potential and the good you offer others”.



January 8, 2018

In the early 1900s 1 person in 20 got cancer. Today it is 1 in 3. Two million people are diagnosed with cancer every year!

It’s so insidious. By using the simple process of cause and effect American businesses make guaranteed money for their investors.

It begins with food manufacturers hiring advertising agencies who hold “focus groups” to research addictive tastes and eye grabbing, user-friendly packaging. Then they produce and advertise foods for public consumption that have irresistible flavors, plenty of sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, maltose, and carcinogenic preservatives for animal products to promote “long shelf life”.

This creates an incentive for farmers to bring to market millions of cows, pigs and chickens raised on antibiotics in deplorable conditions and to plant millions of acres of GMO corn – thus making Monsanto investors rich. And to plant and harvest farmers must go into 100s of thousands of dollars of debt to banks in order to purchase the machinery from American manufacturers.  Then they must buy the fuel from the oil companies necessary to run them.

Ordinary citizens of our nation consume this phoney food not knowing that it is actually food for our cancer cells to replicate. Eventually our body’s are swimming in a high acid, low alkaline toxic soup and our immune system cannot perform their natural function to eliminate cancer cells.

When we are diagnosed with cancer then we need the medical industry and pharmaceutical companies. Doctors, surgeons, hospitals, chemo, radiation and pills, pills, pills. That makes us desperate to buy medical insurance to help pay for these expenses.

So let me track it about collusion of big businesses to provide profits for their shareholders.

1) MONSANTO supplies seeds, fertilizers and weed killers that destroy the natural minerals and bacteria that nature so generously provides in our soils

2) Farmer’s purchase equipment made by American farm MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS that creates extreme indebtedness to BANKS.

3) To get products to market, machines require fuel that is bought in bulk from OIL COMPANIES.

4) FOOD MANUFACTURERS produce cancer promoting food products

5) ADVERTISING AGENCIES do “focus groups” that determine addictive tastes, textures and packaging to attract public purchase.

6) The public buys and consumes what is on supermarket shelves.

6) MEDICAL INDUSTRY diagnoses cancers of all kinds. The patient needs doctors, surgeons, palliative care, nurse practitioner, nurse navigator, oncologists.

8) HOSPITALS perform procedures

9) INSURANCE COMPANIES sell policies to help the patient pay the bills.


We have been mightily duped my friends – all for caucasian men to have more money in their pockets.


BLOG #10  12/21/17

What’s missing in the world today is men and women whose leadership includes the wisdom of the sacred feminine – people who function from their limbic/emotional brain of nurturing, sharing and compassion. The majority of men in powerful positions are operating solely from their primitive/reptilian brain of fight, kill, dominate.

I would especially like to see wise women (not Clinton or Thatcher types) step into leadership roles and be generative from the sacred feminine. We are 50.1% of the global population and a totally overlooked resource in solving the world’s problems. Our culture is completely out of balance and I see a bleak future for generations to come if someone doesn’t have the immense courage, enormous vision and widespread support to wake up the other half of our brains!

In my elder hood I find myself a dedicated student of what it is to be a human being on this planet – our miraculous gifts, tragic faults, and the mysteries of having a soul. The soul yearns to have a cause and to belong to a tribe. That is my theory why American women hop on the bandwagon of their Trump men.





Are the earth’s hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires wake up calls for us? World wide human beings are more violent than ever – willing to kill and be killed. Is it because they have lost their souls?

What is the soul? Is it the “True Self” that we embody? Is it the “fingerprint” of god? Is it our innermost being? Our spiritual essence?

Most cultures on our planet are patriarchal and “matter” and spirit have been split apart. The result is that we live in a contracted identity. This makes life an empty, unfulfilling existence in materialism and worship of money. Yet all human beings have an inherent longing to know their soul. And that soul yearns for harmony and connectedness. It wants to feel loved and truly “known” by others.

Mother Earth has a soul as well. She is a living, spiritual being. We have forgotten that our own physical, mental and spiritual well-being and the earth’s are totally interdependent.

Patriarchal dominance has alienated us from our souls and denied the planet its divinity. What is missing is the contribution of the other half of humanity – the feminine. Women are instinctive nurturers and empathic givers. Those powers are desperately needed now. It is the time for females to liberate their natural light – to be willing to let it shine everywhere, everyday. This will bring Mother Earth back into balance and honor her soul.

The Soul is at the center of all things. It passes into all things and is the true connection of all things. Isolation from the soul cuts us off from the incredible gifts within the wisdom of divine intelligence. If we reconnect with our soul, the magic and the meaning of life comes alive within us and around us. That and only that will bring this beloved earth back into harmony and unity.