Are the earth’s hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires wake up calls for us? World wide human beings are more violent than ever – willing to kill and be killed. Is it because they have lost their souls?

What is the soul? Is it the “True Self” that we embody? Is it the “fingerprint” of god? Is it our innermost being? Our spiritual essence?

Most cultures on our planet are patriarchal and “matter” and spirit have been split apart. The result is that we live in a contracted identity. This makes life an empty, unfulfilling existence in materialism and worship of money. Yet all human beings have an inherent longing to know their soul. And that soul yearns for harmony and connectedness. It wants to feel loved and truly “known” by others.

Mother Earth has a soul as well. She is a living, spiritual being. We have forgotten that our own physical, mental and spiritual well-being and the earth’s are totally interdependent.

Patriarchal dominance has alienated us from our souls and denied the planet its divinity. What is missing is the contribution of the other half of humanity – the feminine. Women are instinctive nurturers and empathic givers. Those powers are desperately needed now. It is the time for females to liberate their natural light – to be willing to let it shine everywhere, everyday. This will bring Mother Earth back into balance and honor her soul.

The Soul is at the center of all things. It passes into all things and is the true connection of all things. Isolation from the soul cuts us off from the incredible gifts within the wisdom of divine intelligence. If we reconnect with our soul, the magic and the meaning of life comes alive within us and around us. That and only that will bring this beloved earth back into harmony and unity.

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