BLOG #10  12/21/17

What’s missing in the world today is men and women whose leadership includes the wisdom of the sacred feminine – people who function from their limbic/emotional brain of nurturing, sharing and compassion. The majority of men in powerful positions are operating solely from their primitive/reptilian brain of fight, kill, dominate.

I would especially like to see wise women (not Clinton or Thatcher types) step into leadership roles and be generative from the sacred feminine. We are 50.1% of the global population and a totally overlooked resource in solving the world’s problems. Our culture is completely out of balance and I see a bleak future for generations to come if someone doesn’t have the immense courage, enormous vision and widespread support to wake up the other half of our brains!

In my elder hood I find myself a dedicated student of what it is to be a human being on this planet – our miraculous gifts, tragic faults, and the mysteries of having a soul. The soul yearns to have a cause and to belong to a tribe. That is my theory why American women hop on the bandwagon of their Trump men.

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