Alchemy of the Soul


by Lee Irwin

“[In our culture] The feminine logos is remarkably absent and often dismissed as superficial or irrelevant. The integration of the feminine into fully human models of maturity will require a complete re-writing of most traditional institutions and the recasting of traditional teachings will require the full and articulate presence of a woman’s voice… and no doubt emergent voice of women as spiritual teachers…[we need] a conscious integration of male and female symbolism…”

“The intersection of the one with the many is based in a rich diversity that fosters life. To understand this it is necessary to experience directly the fullness and complexity of unveiled, invisible worlds…the feminine voice in the realization of this potential will provide a connective fabric of ideas and concepts woven around themes of mutual respect and an ethic of nurturance…and world-embracing concern…”

“As we each carry within us masculine and feminine tendencies and attitudes, the alchemy of soul seeks to harmonize those characteristics. The alchemy of soul is an individualized practice that requires study, investigation, analysis, imaginative visioning and a genuine respect and concern for others. Each person must take up the work, and out of the resources of the past and present undertake the task of inner transformation…you supply the answers and direction for your own growth. There is no submission but there is sublimation, distillation, even pulverization, all of which require you to dismantle and deconstruct your illusions and inflated or deflated self views…An inner authority, inner teacher [develops] that has a quality of authenticity that stands its own ground respectfully and guides you toward the realization of [your] potential and the good you offer others”.

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