I proffer that the human body can be returned to health in the face of practically any negative experience. In living our lives we inevitably have episodes of trauma, or an accident, illness or surgery. The resulting pain may persist daily, or disappear but re-occur sometime later. Our culture predominately teaches us to seek medical care or to push past the pain, get over it and get on with our life. But what our body really wants is compassion.

The key to healing our body anywhere, inside or out, resides principally in our willingness to enter into relationship with the affected area – literally to befriend it. From research conducted at both Harvard and Tufts University it is scientific fact that your body cells hold the memory of the occurrence and that your brain, when signaled, will naturally send curative biochemicals to trigger the healing process.

When my back “went out” as a teen I learned that I was born with an extra lumbar vertebrae partially fused to my sacrum. In my 40’s, I had a uterine fibroid the size of a grapefruit, then developed hypertension in my 50’s and breast cancer at 69. By employing, at varying times, the practices of yoga poses, breathing, visualization, vocal resonance, deep tissue work, light affinity, directed awareness, movement re-education, diet and acupuncture, in each case, I have restored my body to health and pain-free strength and flexibility.


In our body is our life journey

a record of all that we have seen and done

In our cells are the memories of all our joys and heartbreaks

and all of our mistakes as well as wise insights

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