My Book

     I write to create a bond with aging women, cause strong emotional responses in them and to enrich their lives and my own. Gifts from the Universe:A Boomer Woman’s Wisdom is a book not just to read, but a book to feel. Stories are the oldest teaching tool human beings have. They are a record of our joys and heartbreaks, challenges and mistakes, insights and gifts. A journal is a private, personal workspace for one to work out the relationships that bring meaning, aliveness, creativity, and laughter. I have sketched my truth with a courageous heart and with seven decades of life experience I have a lot of compelling stories to tell.

     I begin the book at an all time low in my life emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Writing with unflinching, sometimes excruciating honesty, humor, and without hiding my mistakes or abnormalities, I excavate my former life. This includes familial estrangement, rape, breast cancer, and poverty among many other private dilemmas. Determined to transform my quality of life, I discover “Six Essential Habits” necessary for healing a woman’s heart, mind, body and soul and to foster meaning, peace and fresh adventure in later life.

     This book is grounded in my belief and experience that fears, desires and personal traumas, when examined and expressed are of universal significance.

     Gifts from the Universe: A Boomer Woman’s Wisdom is designed for repeated use by any of the 36.44 million female baby boomers in America today. More than any external fix, women long for internal wisdom about how to age with grace.

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