My mission is to return the feminine to a place of honor and respect in our culture. I want to break open your heart, crack open your mirth and sexuality and inspire you to step into the sacred mysteries of the universe.

I have 34 years of experience as a student and teacher in the human potential movementI. I specialize in leading women to authentic, full self-expression, physical self care and creating an inviolable spiritual center.

A graduate of Bard College I co-founded the seminar “Sing from Your Soul”, was a certified facilitator for “The ALL Discovery Game” and have taught yoga for the last 19 years. Cal Poly Pomona employed me to teach “Speech for the Theatre” and the Church of Religious Science offered my course in “Music in the Ministry”.

As a principal at the companies Taylor-Made Communications and Taylor/Davis, I wrote and directed promotional videos, media coached corporate leaders and authors, conducted photo sessions and edited speeches.

For the last 15 years, I have been an innkeeper and an author of women’s self help gift books – The Nine Habits of Happier Woman and Say Saah, A Bathtub Yoga Book published by RedWheel Weiser/Conari in 2005. My new book is Gifts from the Universe, Journal of a Woman Booby Boomer.