January 8, 2018

In the early 1900s 1 person in 20 got cancer. Today it is 1 in 3. Two million people are diagnosed with cancer every year!

It’s so insidious. By using the simple process of cause and effect American businesses make guaranteed money for their investors.

It begins with food manufacturers hiring advertising agencies who hold “focus groups” to research addictive tastes and eye grabbing, user-friendly packaging. Then they produce and advertise foods for public consumption that have irresistible flavors, plenty of sugar, corn syrup, dextrose, sucrose, maltose, and carcinogenic preservatives for animal products to promote “long shelf life”.

This creates an incentive for farmers to bring to market millions of cows, pigs and chickens raised on antibiotics in deplorable conditions and to plant millions of acres of GMO corn – thus making Monsanto investors rich. And to plant and harvest farmers must go into 100s of thousands of dollars of debt to banks in order to purchase the machinery from American manufacturers.  Then they must buy the fuel from the oil companies necessary to run them.

Ordinary citizens of our nation consume this phoney food not knowing that it is actually food for our cancer cells to replicate. Eventually our body’s are swimming in a high acid, low alkaline toxic soup and our immune system cannot perform their natural function to eliminate cancer cells.

When we are diagnosed with cancer then we need the medical industry and pharmaceutical companies. Doctors, surgeons, hospitals, chemo, radiation and pills, pills, pills. That makes us desperate to buy medical insurance to help pay for these expenses.

So let me track it about collusion of big businesses to provide profits for their shareholders.

1) MONSANTO supplies seeds, fertilizers and weed killers that destroy the natural minerals and bacteria that nature so generously provides in our soils

2) Farmer’s purchase equipment made by American farm MACHINERY MANUFACTURERS that creates extreme indebtedness to BANKS.

3) To get products to market, machines require fuel that is bought in bulk from OIL COMPANIES.

4) FOOD MANUFACTURERS produce cancer promoting food products

5) ADVERTISING AGENCIES do “focus groups” that determine addictive tastes, textures and packaging to attract public purchase.

6) The public buys and consumes what is on supermarket shelves.

6) MEDICAL INDUSTRY diagnoses cancers of all kinds. The patient needs doctors, surgeons, palliative care, nurse practitioner, nurse navigator, oncologists.

8) HOSPITALS perform procedures

9) INSURANCE COMPANIES sell policies to help the patient pay the bills.


We have been mightily duped my friends – all for caucasian men to have more money in their pockets.



BLOG #10  12/21/17

What’s missing in the world today is men and women whose leadership includes the wisdom of the sacred feminine – people who function from their limbic/emotional brain of nurturing, sharing and compassion. The majority of men in powerful positions are operating solely from their primitive/reptilian brain of fight, kill, dominate.

I would especially like to see wise women (not Clinton or Thatcher types) step into leadership roles and be generative from the sacred feminine. We are 50.1% of the global population and a totally overlooked resource in solving the world’s problems. Our culture is completely out of balance and I see a bleak future for generations to come if someone doesn’t have the immense courage, enormous vision and widespread support to wake up the other half of our brains!

In my elder hood I find myself a dedicated student of what it is to be a human being on this planet – our miraculous gifts, tragic faults, and the mysteries of having a soul. The soul yearns to have a cause and to belong to a tribe. That is my theory why American women hop on the bandwagon of their Trump men.





Are the earth’s hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and fires wake up calls for us? World wide human beings are more violent than ever – willing to kill and be killed. Is it because they have lost their souls?

What is the soul? Is it the “True Self” that we embody? Is it the “fingerprint” of god? Is it our innermost being? Our spiritual essence?

Most cultures on our planet are patriarchal and “matter” and spirit have been split apart. The result is that we live in a contracted identity. This makes life an empty, unfulfilling existence in materialism and worship of money. Yet all human beings have an inherent longing to know their soul. And that soul yearns for harmony and connectedness. It wants to feel loved and truly “known” by others.

Mother Earth has a soul as well. She is a living, spiritual being. We have forgotten that our own physical, mental and spiritual well-being and the earth’s are totally interdependent.

Patriarchal dominance has alienated us from our souls and denied the planet its divinity. What is missing is the contribution of the other half of humanity – the feminine. Women are instinctive nurturers and empathic givers. Those powers are desperately needed now. It is the time for females to liberate their natural light – to be willing to let it shine everywhere, everyday. This will bring Mother Earth back into balance and honor her soul.

The Soul is at the center of all things. It passes into all things and is the true connection of all things. Isolation from the soul cuts us off from the incredible gifts within the wisdom of divine intelligence. If we reconnect with our soul, the magic and the meaning of life comes alive within us and around us. That and only that will bring this beloved earth back into harmony and unity.




The moon – the feminine – eclipsed the sun – the masculine. That is what is wanted and needed right now in this world!

Our patriarchal economies, governments, religions, and educational systems thwart unique talent, discourage passion, stunt authentic growth and create spiritual desolation.

The masculine dominated schools, corporate board rooms, government bodies and religious hierarchies have created cultures of consumerism – rat races – that are completely against human nature.

All human beings have a call – longing to know their soul, have an experience of belonging and feel a deep sense of purpose here on earth.

What’s missing is the contribution of the other half of humanity – the feminine and her attributes of nurturing, intuition, partnering, empathy, cooperation, receptivity, tenderness.

Maybe the dazzling magic of the moon turning the lights out is a message for us to balance the masculine and the feminine energies on our planet.




I met my most influential teacher when I was 67 years old and it has radically changed me very late in life. Yes I did the deep spiritual and emotional work these past four years but she was the mid-wife.

When you meet your teacher insist, persist in having a deep relationship with him or her because that person is a gift from the universe to teach you how to awaken your soul, connect with your purpose and share the truth of your heart in this last chapter.

Last night I had a most extraordinary experience! I returned home from my early evening yoga class feeling very open. I found myself going into my bedroom, getting my stuffed animal (yes I have one1) named “Horsey” and bringing him back out to the LR couch. I draped his front legs around my neck and began talking to him. “I love having you to talk to and kiss and hug! You are my ‘Little Man’ “. And then it hit me full blast! My aborted fetus was a boy and his spirit resides in this stuffed animal for me to relate to!!!! Back in 1970 his soul was merging into the tiny body in my belly. Because today my heart and soul are fully open and awake I am receptive to connecting with his. Our relationship was incomplete when I had his embryo terminated.

Never in a million years would I have expected to have any link or contact with my aborted child from 47 years ago!

Next month I’m attending my teacher’s new workshop “Death as Wisdom Keeper” where we will get in touch with the importance of our ancestors. I emailed her the above event and asked “Am I the ancestor of my unborn child? Am I dying forward so-to-speak?” She replied “In truth, he has always been your ancestor and now you are becoming his.”




“No one is born hating another person because of the color of their skin or their background or religion. People learn to hate and they can learn [be taught ] to love. Love comes more naturally to the human heart than the opposite.”   Nelson Mandela from Obama tweet after Charlottes burg death of Heather by white supremacist car ramming.

Does an excitement arise in one’s body when they are taught to hate others? Does it make them feel really alive to have an energy that’s bursting to get out of their body in voice and gesture? Does hating another person(s) give one a passion and purpose in life?

My theory (and experience!) is that our North American culture produces a substantive number of deadened people that have empty relationships and no raison d’être. Most are just going through the motions, taking the minimum actions to just survive here.

I have a history of being physically violent as a child to my sister, and as a teen to my mother and our family dog. My predominate feeling as a young person was one of powerlessness, and resignation. My mother was an alcoholic, and school required me to sit down, shut up, memorize and regurgitate.  My body’s memory recalls that when I yelled and struck something soft with life in it my thrill of feeling potent. It was a “turn on” of sorts.

Perhaps that’s what it feels like to be a white racist yelling at a demonstration or inflicting damage on a crowd of people you’ve been taught to hate.





I think that the opiate addiction and overdose epidemic in the USA is because we are a spiritually befreft nation! This is a spiritual crisis in human beings in America. We/they are not just a bunch of addictive personalities…

In my experience of being on an opiate it is like the best orgasm that you ever had and you want it again and again and to last longer and longer. It is feeling true oneness, ecstacy, euphoria and true joining, merging of your soul with another.

Our No. American political, social, financial, medical culture has systematically imbued values, requirements and expectations that rob us of the sacred journey of what it is to be a blessed human on this beloved planet.

At 71 years old I/you fellow women baby boomers are called. This is a time for you/us to be in stillness, turn into our emotions, and find the patience to take the journey to our soul. It will be hard work (as I can attest to) but it will bring you the experience of bliss in real time with out ever taking an opiate pill.

In this “game of life” each (especially elder) women and men, it is our natural destiny to make a journey into stillness, turn into our emotions, examine our destructive patterns and listen to the wisdom of our ancients contained in our bodies. With your willingness to reside there you will inevitably discover your beloved destiny.

Ancient culture teaches us that there is an alchemy necessary for what creates our bodies to experience ecstasy, euphoria and bliss, naturally. It is only brought about by truth, safety and love expressed with another.

So what is there for you to do? First open your heart now, today. Speak first, the truth to yourself, then express it to another person who you cherish. Acknowledge your regrets and failures and then ask for what you desire. Make all of your actions (when it safe) to be intimate. Reside in the space of not knowing. You may stay there a loooooing time. Trust the process.

That is the journey you have left to do in this last chapter of your life.

I love you and wish that for you.     Frolic Taylor