Last Chapter of Your Life

Title : The Last Chapter of Your Life

Hi there! Are you, sweet women, clear that this is the last chapter of your life?

I was diagnosed with Stage II breast cancer last summer and had a lumpectomy Nov 29, 2016. I’ve chosen not to have chemo or radiation but am taking hormone blockers. My heart was broken by the news of my disease.

Since then I have read Stephen Jenkinson’s book Die Wise and gone through deep feelings of anger, fear, resentment, regret and grief. Knowing that I’m “somewhere towards the end” has changed my relationship with everything. It’s made me review my life, love what is not easy to love and want to share my story with you. From experience I can say that no matter what your circumstances, you can find freedom and fulfillment in the last chapter of your life.

Stephen reminds me that “it is a gift to wake up every day.” Having my mortality stare me in the face has induced a desire in me to find meaningfulness, a purpose for this last chapter of my life. Since this is it I’m compelled to be authentic in my writing, speaking and action.


Being an Older Female


What is going on ladies???

Let me try to explain using a Sufi man (yes much to my amazement!) named Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee in his book The Return to the Feminine and the World Soul.

In short the problem is we’re living in a patriarchy culture and have been for centuries and what’s missing is our contribution, the other half – the feminine!

We, you, me and every woman “carries the wisdom [of the divine feminine] with in her. She feels the pulse of life as intimately as she feels her own blood pulsing thru her veins. Her ‘knowing’ lives in her body [and is] inaccessible to men. In the cells of her body she carries the light of oneness, a light that is not present in men’s bodies.”

So why boomer women do we still have doubt, or suffering or abuse? Because for centuries we’ve been living under a Patriarchy culture. Because most men have an innate FEAR of the feminine and of anything that they cannot control or understand. We, women (whether or not  ever having had children) know the secret of life. A long time ago this was a threat to male desire for dominance, for power.

The masculine has a drive for mastery. It has given us the gifts of language, science, philosophy. Masculine consciousness is focused, thinks linearly, is analytic and goal oriented, problem solving.

But feminine consciousness is relational – we sense different patterns and how they work together for sustenance, oneness and we have been gifted with a natural sensitivity to the planet earth as our Mother and a nurturer.

Don’t you get the sense that our contribution is needed at this time?


Welcome Women Baby Boomers!

This is an Advice/How-To blog by a 71 year old woman baby boomer who has spent the last 3 years of her life on an emotional and physical rollercoaster. I write unflinchingly about aging, vulnerability, homelessness, familial reconciliation, rape, cancer, telepathy, shapeshifting, and tranquility. In the last chapter of my life I’ve  transformed into a loving, sexual, creative, spiritual, playful woman. My stories are your stories.